Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Golden Age Idol--Lu-Nar!!!

There is something very important missing from today's comics world.

Now that Wundarr has "grown up;" now that the "baby-talk" Hulk is a thing of the past (although that seems to vary from day to day at Marvel); now that Bizarro doesn't seem to exist in the nu52; now that there is no Superbaby...

What I'm saying is, where are the big dumb strong heroes who talk like a comic book writer's fantasy of how children talk?

Well, friends, I have got an answer for you: Lu-Nar, the Moon-Man!!

You see, Lu-Nar, who as his name implies is from the moon, was cruising through our atmosphere when big old explosions from that war in Europe caused his ship to crash. Now he's stranded here, and fighting crime.

Oh, and he's dumber than a bag of rocks:

Oh, Lu-Nar!!

He lives with a cabbie named Beansie, but somehow Beansie's common sense never helps make the situation better...

That's right...

Comic books: warning us of the dangers of mixing beer and ice cream since 1941!!


Lu-Nar: letting us know that women are crazy since 1941!!

Did I mention that Lu-Nar was strong?

And liked to beat up crooks?

And then beat them up some more?!?

Of course, there are some perils to living with a rage-filled super-strong man-child from the moon. When Lu-Nar and Beansie have to take in a house guest...

Ha ha ha ha!!! Ha ha...ummm, Lu-Nar, you're not going to kill him, right?

So, since the 21st century clearly needs a baby-talkin' strong guy, well, I nominate Lu-Nar. Come on, DC or Marvel...make it happen!!

From Wonderworld Comics #32 (1941)

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Sina said...

RE: "Comic books: warning us of the dangers of mixing beer and ice cream since 1941!!"

...You mean you've never had a nice, tall, cool, frothy vanilla ice cream beer *float*? I was introduced a long time ago, and still enjoy them as the occasion permits :D on that note, I would so enjoy a straight vanilla-flavoured beer, but haven't found any as of yet :P