Thursday, March 7, 2013

How Batman Lost His Groove

Yesterday, we looked at a story that freaked me out as a kid, as Batman and Robin whooped on some Kandorian Metalloids.

But we never saw why they were in Kandor in the first place.

Because Batman had an inferiority complex, that's why!

See, post-Dark Knight Returns, we're all used to the Batman as the-guy-without-powers-who-can-still-kick-anyone's-ass-24/7. Hell, according to some views, Batman could take down the Spectre and the Anti-Monitor single-handedly and still have enough in the tank to thwart the Joker.

Ah, but in the Silver Age, Batman was just slightly more...human. Kind of a schmuck, in fact.

As our World's Finest team is wrapping up a case...

D'oh!! Smooth one, Superman!! Fortunately...

But, unfortunately, the damage wasn't all physical. Get ready for lots of "Batman could beat God" fanboys to writhe in torment as...

Yep, Batman takes one bullet, and he's ready to quit. The Dark Knight Rises would have ended very differently with this Batman, let me tell you...

Even after his physical recovery, Batman would rather sit around and clear off his TiVo than stop crime:

Luckily, Superman has a plan. Now, this is the Silver Age, so it's a ridiculously convoluted, manipulative, deceitful, dangerous and morally questionable plan. But these are desperate times...

Remember: "Superman never lies" was always bull$%#^.

So let's get this plan started...

So it's game on.

But it all goes to pot when the Metalloid menace turns real [SPOILER ALERT: Than-Ar's brother overheard the plans, and decided to steal the bracelets for a little crime wave]. And, of course, Jimmy screws it all up with the "stray comment overheard" cliche:

Ohs, nos, is this the end for our super-team? Tune in later today to see "How Batman Got His Groove Back"!!!

From World's Finest #143 (1964), as reprinted in World's Finest #197 (1970)

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