Wednesday, March 20, 2013

An Inconceivable Amount Of Drugs Must Have Been Ingested In Preparing This Story

So, the Sorceress Of Zoom and pals are trapped in a collapsing cave, with no way out.

Yeah, right. Of course there's a way out--this is THE SORCERESS OF ZOOM!!

Yes, she made Cloud City (no, not THAT Cloud City) appear inside a cave!! And...

But evil Mu The Mystic isn't done yet...

What. The. Frak.

So, Mu locks her in a cave, she materializes a cloud city inside the cave and uses it to bust out, so materializes a volcano (in a swamp!) beneath her, so she turns the volcano into a huge pump to drain the swamp.

Look upon your grandparents and great grandparents with new respects, folks--they were trippin' some serious balls in the day.

From Weird Comics #11 (1941)

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