Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Miss...Superboy

You know who I miss?

I miss Superboy.

By which I mean this guy:

Yeah, I know, there's still a Superboy around, nu52, but he's not the same guy.

And yeah, I know that this dude was technically the same guy:

I was out of comics when this Superboy got a haircut, took some steroids and pumped up, and decided that super-heroes don't have a real dress code. And had a complete personality transplant and became a broody sun of a gun. Imagine my surprise when folks told me this was the same guy!

Yeah, that "first" Superboy dressed doofy, and was kind of an idjit, and it was the 90s so his costume kind of sucked, too. But there was a certain joy, and goofiness, and innocence, and fun to him. Qualities that mostly vanished, because the 2000s didn't allow us to have fun and silly things like this:

I miss that Superboy, unnecessary belts and buckles and dumb haircut and everything...


SallyP said...

I'm...really sick of grim and gritty. A little fun would be nice.

Mr. Whiskas said...

Agreed. Kesel and Grummet's Superboy was one of the few bright lights of the 90's, I miss him too.