Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The British Post-War Crime Wave!!

From the True Crime files of Headline Comics #50 (1951):

A) Well, that's pushes Jack The Ripper out of the #1 spot, eh?

B) Damn you, European socialist governments, for your oppression of itinerant peddlers!! Your regulation is throttling the growth of the itinerant peddler industry!!

C) This would make a pretty good Sherlock Holmes story--The Adventure of The Extra Ounces. Much to the chagrin of Miss Almathea Winthrop's fiancee--a promising young clerk in the War Office--a spy from Balkania has stolen a sample of a new explosive. She hires Holmes to find it before her husband-to-be is cashiered. Holmes, of course, correctly deduces that the spy is disguised as an itinerant peddler, trying to smuggle it to confederates by use of a scale allowing him to give out an extra ounce and a half! Holmes foils him when he disguises himself as a itinerant peddler inspector, and England is saved!

Yes, I'm an idiot.


SallyP said...

Hey I've heard a whole lot worse plots in my day!

Sina said...

Yeah, this one's actually kinda clever, snell :P