Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Night Fights--Car Wash Style!!

You know what we need more of in Friday Night Fights?

Showdowns in ghetto car washes, that's what.

Tobias Whale has defected from the criminal organization The 100 (so, what, they're "The 99" now?) for the love of a woman.

And Black Lightning is dumb enough to trust him. And we let Jefferson teach our children?

Anyhoo, after much backstabbing and treachery, they end up battling in the only car wash in Suicide Slum (Why the only one? "Mostly because the good citizens can't afford cars!" opines Jefferson. This obviously ties in to Batman's statement that "Ghetto people don't own boats!" Hmm, I sense a series coming on...)

 Anyway, the fight is on:


Spacebooger insists that you play the following video while reading the fight, because you can't have a story about a ghetto car wash without Rose Royce!!

The cleanest fight ever comes courtesy of Denny O'Neill, Rich Buchler and Romeo Tanghal in World's Finest Comics #258 (1979)

Now is the time for you to go and vote for my fight. Why? Because it's always cool...and the boss don't mind sometimes if you act the fool!! So go and vote, dammit!!


Mr. Whiskas said...

What a great website this is, came across it via Too Dangerous For A Girl and can't get enough of it. Hilarious.

When I read the old stuff with Black Lightning in it I always wonder: why does he use his, well, lightning powers, so sparingly? Here he doesn't use them at all. This can lead to some bad stuff: In the Showcase Super-man Team Ups he stops a mugging on the subway and defeats the two muggers without using any electric powers, but before he finishes them one of them shoots and KILLS a bystander. As the bystander's friend kneels beside her crying Black Lightning says "Hm, must have liked her, huh?" Dude, you just contributed to that person being killed BL!

snell said...

In fairness, BL does use his electrical powers earlier in the story...