Sunday, December 9, 2012

Superman Sings About Kryptonian Ghettos???

There's a throw down goin' on at the Superman Museum, and Black Lightning is there:

"I wonder if they had ghettos on Krypton" might be the best question I've ever heard!!

I've just had visions of young Jor-El working his way through Science Council College as a private dick, helping Krypton's down and out, going to his ghetto contact Hug-Ie B'Ear for tips, opining "This ghetto is Krypton's real Phantom Zone!"

Even better, it can turn out that instead of Kandor, Brainiac bottled up a Krytponian ghetto, so now Kal-El can vacation down there by re-opening his dad's detective business!!

I wonder if, in Kryptonian ghettos, the people own cars or boats...

And Superman can then sing this song, as a way to raise funds for the Kandorian slums:

This is why they don't allow me to write comic books!

From World's Finest Comics #258 (1979)

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