Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Man's World? Not For Mary Marvel!!

Things were always a little a Mary Marvel comic story.

First off, even though she had "the same SHAZAM powers" as her brother, they somehow come from completely different sources--which they never tired of reminding us!

Secondly, I'd wager a pretty penny that the male members of the Marvel Family would never have had a story titled:

And even if said story had a different title, I'm pretty certain Billy and Freddy would never face a villain like this: evil hairdresser using a hypnotic hairdrier to steal gems!!

And I am steadfast in my belief that the boys would never ever end up in this particular death trap:

Yes, an exploding hair-styling machine!!

[SPOILER ALERT: It wasn't the end of Mary Marvel. No, her end actually came at the hands of diverse jackasses at DC who turned her evil, turned her evil again, turned her to stone, and then, in what was clearly a mercy killing by that point, rebooted her out of existence. Talk about death traps...]

From Mary Marvel #28 (1948)

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