Saturday, September 1, 2012

Why You Should Be Reading Axe Cop Reason #27--Chee-Rex!!

From this week's Axe Cop: President Of The World #2 (click to embiggen to ridiculous awesomeness):

And who, you might be asking, is that chap on the giant motorcycle?

Oh, that's Chee-Rex.

And who is Chee-Rex?

And the motorcycle?

It's really made up of Tu and Bu, two transforming robots who want to become "the most evil bad guys in the universe." So they kill Satan.

And don't ask what's really inside the Space Needle.

So, yeah, you really should be reading this book.

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Sina said...

I hate Axe's just a bunch of "...& then this happened, & then this happened, & then this happened!", which I'm sorry but doesn't constitute good storytelling, in my opinion :I

Someone somewhere likened it to Shakespeare, but I don't believe Big Willie ever wrote "...& then Hamlet did this, & then Claudius did this, & then Horatio did this..." :(