Thursday, September 6, 2012

Don't Engage Dilton Doiley In A Battle Of Wits!!

Archie and Reggie have a beef with society:

Now, you'd think that the last person in Riverdale you'd want to commiserate with over such a problem would be Dilton Doiley. But hey, when you gotta gripe, you gotta gripe, right??

Uh-oh. Something tells me we're in for a Category 5 Sarcasm Storm...

Wait for it... it comes:


You know, when you're being mocked by Pops and Dilton, brother, you're irony-impaired!!

Archie Comics--selling comics to youth culture by telling them that youth culture is lame!!!!

From Life With Archie #111 (1971)


Michael May said...

Love it! Reminds me of the King Missile song: "I want to be different, just like all the other different people."

SallyP said...

Damn hippies!

Except Reggie of course. Reggie is dreamy.