Saturday, September 22, 2012

7734.40 , Archie!!!

Bored? Nothing to do today? Got some antiquated technology just lying around? Why, then, it's the perfect time for...

No, Archie, you really won't...

Of course, the odds that Archie himself "found" this information is pretty slim, don't you think?

Especially since everyone had already been doing this for years. There had even been books published that were nothing but "puzzles" consisting of various arithmetic equations that would result in "words" (e.g., "If country X has y barrels of oil, and country Z took, some, and..." all to produce 710.77345. Ha ha, ha ha).

And by 1979, this stuff was pretty old hat. I and most of my compatriots by this point had TI scientific calculators, and the addition of exponents and various other symbols added huge new layers of depth to the "words" and phrases we could "create."

Still, in terms of Archie Comics, they were on top of this "trend" much more quickly than let's allow Archie his fun, OK?

Wait a minute--you're telling me that a high school kid is presenting these calculator words, and not once does he mention 58008? or 58808.918? Not bloody likely...

From Archie's TV Laugh-Out #69 (1979)