Monday, September 24, 2012

Manic DreddDay #4--When Smart Kids Turn Dumb!

10 years ago today (give or take a day) in 2000 A.D.:

If you think we have a school funding crisis now, just wait until the future!

Any solutions?

Well, I might have suggested a bake sale, but...

Ah, trying to scoot on a technicality!! This is just like an episode of Law & Order!!

And what means do these gifted kids come up with to put the hurt on Dredd?

Well, this, for starters...

...not to mention this... well as this...

But, of course, they're all equally ineffective against Dredd...

And equally of course, Dredd susses out who the perps are...but of course, there's that pesky technicality:

But unlike Law & Order, Dredd doesn't do motions and exclusions and stuff, because he's the Judge, dammit:

The lesson? Don't try to play lawyer with Dredd--you're already in contempt!!

From 2000 A.D #1310 (2002)

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