Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lois Lane's Peculiar Understanding Of History...And Paleontology...And Science In General

Clark and Lois are in a contest to see who can come up with the biggest headline. Lois is investigating a Metropolis subway stop where a man apparently...died of fright!!

Somehow she ends up alone in a subway car during rush hour (?!), and the car is whisked away to "another dimension."

The culprits?


And Lois' reply?

Uh, wait...

Now hold on!! Let's think about what Lois just said...

  • "Trillions of years ago"? I mean...trillions? I do not think that word means what she thinks it means...
  • "Before we arrived on Earth" may just be a colorful turn off phrase, but it sure sounds as if Lois believes humans are of extra-terrestrial origin!
  • Earth dinosaurs don't look anything like these alien dudes. Sure, they're reptilian, but they also have completely different cranial structures, their limbs are different...Did they devolve once they got to Earth? Mutate? What about all the dinosaur species that weren't bipedal predators, who don't resemble these guys in the least?
  • Lois seems to believe that the dinosaurs died off...because they fought with each other?? Because "they savagely turned on each other?" The theory is unique, to say the least.

Oh, Cary Bates, what hath you wrought?

Anyway, this gives us our moral:

Which, of course, Perry White promptly punctures:

I think Lois is burying the lede here. Maybe the headline should be "GIANT EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL REPTILIANS HIJACKING SUBWAYS!!" I'll bet Perry would have run that story!!

From Lois Lane #137 (1974)


Siskoid said...

All kinds of wrong. Good catch. And very topical. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.

Martin Gray said...

That was the last issue, wasn't it? Daft, but fun.

Mattkind said...

Oh the 70's