Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flag-Smasher F.A.Q.

Due to many misunderstandings about the brilliant character Flag-Smasher, we interrupt your normal silly comic book blog today to bring you an official Flag-Smasher F.A.Q.!

Q: If Flag-Smasher smashes flags, to what does he pledge allegiance?


Q: Flag-Smasher is the head of ULTIMATUM. Is that some kind of debating society?

Q: So, what does Flag-Smasher think about the European Union, and its adoption of a unified currency, the Euro?

Q: What does Flag-Smasher think of the Chunnel, the under-the-English-Channel tunnel connecting England and France?


Q: Wait--then why does everyone think Flag-Smasher would want to destroy the Chunnel?


Good question.

Q: So, has Flag-Smasher seen a lot of James Bond movies??


Oh, most certainly, he has!!

Thank you, this concludes our presentation.

All panels from Marvel Team-Up #3 (1997)

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Dan said...

Ok this is a bit of an older post but it basically reminds me of a militarized Occupy. Love it (the post, not a militarized Occupy).