Thursday, September 27, 2012

If You Don't Like Ray Palmer, Prepare To Get Punched In The Nose!!

From the letters page in Brave And The Bold #136 (1977)...please note the editorial disclaimer:

And the reply?

I don't have the issue with the original letter that's referred to in Gregg's letter, so we've nothing more to go than what I see here.

Still, let's admire editor Cary Burkett's skill here. By not editing the letter at all--and calling attention the that fact--he manages to make Gregg Schamel look dopey. And then he goes on to call the original letter writer's opinion "dumb." Insulting two readers for the price of one? Well played, sir...well played! It makes me sad that DC dropped their letters pages (again)--just think of the carnage if readers were allowed to express their opinions of the nu52, and the editors were in turn allowed to express their opinions of those same readers!!

And if you know some guy named Gregg, well, you might want to avoid stating any negative opinion of Ray Palmer. Because...POW!!!...Marcia Brady time!!

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Martin Gray said...

Seems like a really mean move on Cary Burkett's part. If memory serves, Ernie Colon once presented a Flash lettercol sans editing. It wasn't a pretty sight.