Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sometimes A Man-Eating Clam-Plant Is Just A Man-Eating Clam-Plant

A diabolical, cross-dressing (!) botanist is using his unique plants to kill American inventors, at the behest of "foreign powers." Some of those plants? Why, there are "African tentacle vines" and "Mediterranean poison cornflowers."

But Captain Flag is on the case!!

Clever rhyme, Captain!!

But beware!! The villain still has one major evil plant left to unveil!!

Yes, a "man-eating clam-plant." Yes, the diabolical cross-dressing botanist has a "man-eating clam-plant" to attack our hero.

No, there is absolutely no disturbing sub-text to that. None whatsoever...

OUCH!!! Killed by your own Sarlacc man-eating clam-plant

And Flag is very broken up about it...

Nope, nothing at all. Can't do a thing to stop it. Nothing whatsoever. I'll just sit here and watch it...

I guess our moral is live by the man-eating clam-plant, die by the man-eating clam-plant. I guess?

From Blue Ribbon Comics #19 (1941)

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