Sunday, January 15, 2017

Why Roger Clemens Would Make A Good Policeman!!

I won't say that Fred Morley is a jerk...

But using your own wife as a hostage to escape from the police? That's pretty scummy, bro!

The sad part is, the plan actually works:

Well, it works until our lead detective remembers his sporting past!

Dude--hitting a fast-moving target dead on? You sure haven't lost your control. Maybe you should try out for the pros!!

However, not shooting because you're afriad you might hurt the hostage is kind of a moot point when you cause the fast moving car she's in to plung into a gully!! No chance she'd be hurt that way, none at all, right!!

The moral? Maybe the police should carry rocks and baseballs, and keep the guns holstered a little more often...

From Trapped #1 (1954)

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SallyP said...

That's an excellent moral. Another would be to actually have a road instead of a gully at the end of your driveway.