Monday, January 23, 2017

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Tommy's Dad!!

Back in the good old days, comic books were required to have two pages of non-cartoon, non-advertising editorial content in each issue, in order to qualify for favorable postal rates.

Eventually the bigger comic companies figured out that running letter columns would meet that requirement, with the added benefit of getting the readers to do 90% of the work. Take that, U.S. Post Office!!

But before that realization (or at companies that didn't receive a lot of letters), comic books would have text stories amongst the cartoon shenanigans. A two-pager, or two one-pagers, would just be there in the book, daring you to read it! Heck, Stan Lee's first published work was one of those two pagers back in Captain America Comics #3!

Well, to celebrate the start of a new week, here's an astonishingly bright and uplifting one-pager from Black Cat Mystery #50 (1954):

Hey kids--comics!!

Have a nice week!


Erich said...

Well, that was cheerful!

Of course, considering the infamous cover of Black Cat Mystery #50, Tommy could have had it a lot worse...

SallyP said...

Wow! And the moral of the story kids... is don't ever question your parents so long as the money is rolling in... or you will DIE!