Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Who The Hell Needs An Invisible Plane?!?

Godly mischief has resulted in Steve and Etta and the girls being kidnapped and taken to...

The Moon?!?! How you gonna get there, Wonder Woman?

Wait. We knew the Amazons had giant-ass kangaroos that they liked to ride.

But they bred some of them for "short" space trips!?!?

"Upper space is not empty, but dotted with thousands of gravity-marooned fragments from whirling planets."

WTF? They never taught me in science class that you could hop to the moon, like a level in Super Mario Galaxy!!

Maybe the Watcher is there, too?

And the Kanga can carry lots of people, too!

So...If you've got a trained ride who can hop to the moon and back, why do you need an invisible plane to travel in?

From Wonder Woman #5 (1943)

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