Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Still, It's Better Than Cars. Or Cars II. Or Cars III. Or...

Inspiration for Wall-E?

BTW, far be it from me to criticize a picture everyone else loves for more than I, but Wall-E completely blows it thematically. After 90 minutes of railing against consumerism, it turns out that Wall-E is saved only because he practiced that same consumerism. If he doesn't collect and value that junk, he doesn't get his memory/personality restored at the end. So all that garbage that destroyed the Earth that the movie condemns is really the deus ex machina that gives the movie a happy ending, and consumerism is suddenly good.

I'm just sayin.'

The cover of Fantastic Stories of Imagination (March 1964) is by Paula McLane

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Paul Smith said...

And all this time I assumed Earth became a barren wasteland because of the film version of Hello, Dolly!