Monday, January 30, 2017

Manic Monday Bonus--Superman Reviews Civil War II!!

Hey, Kal-El,what did you think of Marvel's latest crossover event?

Good call.

And look, it didn't take 8 issues, innumerable delays, killing off a buncha heroes, and completely ruining the character of the person you're now trying to push as America's Greatest Hero® prior to her movie for you to come to that resolution!

Anything else we should know about, Superman?

You might want to pass that along to Zack Snyder...cough cough...

From Action Comics #972 (2017)

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Prof. Chronotis said...

I linked to this from the Facebook page ( for our podcast DISCUSSING WHO ... we've been talking about this very thing a LOT ... and as usual, you've put it more succinctly than we have or could.