Tuesday, January 24, 2017

This Election Is Rigged!!

It's election time on Qward!

And how does one win a popularity contest on Qward?

Well, Sinestro's plan fails miserably.

But, three issues later, the final results still aren't in:

Off course, old Crimson McBigForehead fails again. So, no electoral win for him!!

Still, I would have liked to have seen what Gypo-Bax did that was so evil. And let's not forget  Gny-Gryngg!! How is it possible Geoff Johns never gave us a story about them?!?!

BTW, the Qwardian media takes their elections very seriously...

Oh, come on. He's plenty evil. His problem is that he's incompetent. And incompetence never gets elected...

From Green Lantern #15 (1962) & #18 (1963)


Smurfswacker said...

The campaign manager looks like Doiby Dickles!

George Chambers said...

I'd like to see what campaigning is like on Qward. What do they do in place of kissing babies? Kick puppies?

Simon Dyer said...

Say what you will about Gny-Gryngg, at least the trains ran over small animals on time.

Arynne said...

I absolutely have to share this post:


I particularly like the suggestion that Gypo-Bax was previously the DMV director on Oa.