Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Admit It--You Miss The Hell Out Of Red Kryptonite!!

If there's one thing that DC needs to restore from their pre-Crisis, pre-nu52, pre-Rebirth universe, it's crazy red kryptonite transformations.

Take, for example, just these that happened to Superboy...

That was good enough for a Star Trek episode!! And really, is Red K any more unlikely than a malfunctioning transporter?

Again, good enough for Star Trek Deep Space Nine. A "subspace compression anomaly"?!?! Come on, just say kryptonite, dudes!!

Yes, but 300 pounds under Earth's weaker gravity and yellow sun!!

The Amazing Colossal Superboy!!

This really needed to be a Batman crossover...

Oh so weird and creepy...

Iron Man does this, we call it a classic story. DC and red kryptonite, we dismiss it as silly...

All right, you win, this one was just dumb.

But what about your toes, Superboy? What. About. Your. Toes?!?!?

The opposite of the "mullet."

"I'm not hitting myself!!"

Here's the key to where these stories appeared, if you're interested.

All I'm saying is, DC could use a little more levity these days, and red kryptonite stories were a great way to let off steam. Bring 'em back, DC!

From Superboy #146 (1968)

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