Monday, January 30, 2017

Manic Monday--Crisis Of Infinite Kamandis!!

Thanks to the legendary DC Implosion, we were deprived of this:

And that was no exaggerations about "a thousand Kamandis on a thousand worlds," as an invisible omnipotent voice lectures The Last Boy On Earth about the nature of the pre-Crisis multiverse:

The story would go on to reveal that Kamandi was somehow "the pivotal point of infinities uncountable":

The series would have gone on to show that Kamandi was a multiversal counterpart of Jed, the kid who was always hanging around with Kirby's Sandman. And heaven knows where Jack C. Harris was heading with this "pivotal point of the whole damned multiverse" business.

So, thanks for nothing, DC Implosion.

OK, this one is complicated. This story was planned for the never-published Kamandi #60 (would have been 1978). It was printed in the little-seen Cancelled Comics Cavalcade #2 (1978). As reprinted in Kamandi Challenge Special #1 (2017), where these scans were taken from. Phew!


SF said...

Whose art is that?

snell said...

Dick Ayers and Danny Bulandi

Sina said...

I think the effect that he's going for here is that *You* are the pivotal point of all realities, in every instance, in every choice, whether it's you or Kamandi or anyone else...every choice that *You* make creates an infinite number of infinite realities that all take place simultaneously & concurrently with-&-after every choice or motion that you make, or don't make, as the case may be ☺

googum said...

Crap, I kind of need that now. Although I never liked the idea that without the Great Disaster, Kamandi grew up to be Tommy Tomorrow...