Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Seal Men's War On Santa Claus!!

The War On Christmas has been going on longer than you think!

Yes, the Seal Men of the North Pole have kidnapped Santa Claus--on Christmas Eve!!

Fortunately, The Sandman is on the case (because he needs to help young Jed prove that Santa exists so a reclusive miser will donate a million bucks to charity because...look, it's Kirby, OK?

So why did the Seal Men kidnap Claus? Because the North Pole has the worst customer service EVER!!

Wait...so kids in the Sahara desert were supposed to get mittens, fishing poles, and scuba gear?!?!?! How is that any better?


This was the biggest reason that Santa Claus began to fulfill his Christmas shipping through Amazon...

OK, this one is really complicated. This story was intended for the never-published Sandman #7 (1977). Then it was going to be printed in the never-published Kamandi #61 (1978)...but then came the DC Implosion. It finally saw limited light of day in Cancelled Comics Cavalcade #2 (1978), and finally was widely published in Kamandi Challenge Special #1 (2017). Phew!!!

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