Monday, January 30, 2017

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--That Time The Hulk Fought Conan!!

Just a typical day when a sorcerer in the Microverse is using spells to try to summon a champion to rescue the land from a despot:

Yes, let us hear the terror of, Kronak The Barbarian!

See, nothing like Conan!

See? Nothing at all like Conan!!

Gee, it's almost as if a ruthless barbarian would make a lousy ruler! Who would have thought?

Anyway, Hulk is not at all interested in this side-quest, until the locals pull the foolproof "have a little girl suggest that Hulk isn't strong enough for this task" gambit:

Well played, little girl!!

Hulk goes to the palace, but gets felled by magic. And King Conan Kronak is unimpressed by puny Banner:

Bruce is right, as Conan Kronak finds when he tries to slay Bruce in the arena:

Oh, Sal Buscema, I love you so!

A lot of hi jinks and distractions later, it's time for Hulk to put an end to Conan Kronak:

And thus endeth the reign of Conan Kronak the Barbarian.

From Incredible Hulk #201 (1976)


SF said...


Simon Dyer said...

No one can draw dawning horror or final furious blows like Buscema.

The one thing he's worked on where I didn't enjoy his work as much was his time with DeMattis on Spectacular Spidey, and that was only because he was drawing depressing 90's story after depressing 90's story.

Has he ever worked on Superman? He designed and drew the Stan Lee Supes one shot for that Just Imagine thing. Almost every panel was just pure motion.

Warren JB said...

I like the setting of Hyboria, but I always felt Conan was hobbled by being RE Howard's macho fantasy rather than a rounded character. So this story is kind of satisfying to me.

"Gee, it's almost as if a ruthless barbarian would make a lousy ruler! Who would have thought?"

Amen to that. And on that specific note, I'll commit a little heresy and say that I prefer this Hulk/Conan mashup over Planet Hulk...