Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Why Aquaman Should Be Played By Paul Hogan (Or yahoo Serious?!?)!!

OK, my references are painfully out of date. I'm sure some amongst you can come up with younger, sexier Australian actors than Yahoo Serious.

Still, the point stands. Because Professor Togg has made a startling discovery in the outback:

What's so shocking? What requires the help of the Marvel Family?

OK, so he's a pretty crappy archeologist...

Well, a few millennia can't stop the Marvels!!

But what do they find?

Well, I guess you're OK in that regard, Aquaman!!

Hahaha, Atlantis a democracy!! Don't tell that to Aquaman or Namor!!

So, after many shenanigans...

And upon return to the present, the Marvels prove that all archeology is bullshit!

Australia was Atlantis!!!

So, really, if Arthur Curry doesn't speak with an Aussie accent in the new movies, you are completely justified in demanding a refund!!

From Marvel Family #39 (1949)


Smurfswacker said...

What a mess of a story. One observation: "Yes, the three Marvels can conquer time at will." When Superman did the faster-than-light trick it was always presented as a big deal. This seems rather casual. "What shall we do today, Cap?" "I dunno, why not take a turn out past the Rock of Eternity and solve the mystery of Atlantis?" "I'll pack a lunch."

snell said...

She, that's not a bug, it's a feature!