Monday, August 29, 2016

Manic Monday--Love At First Sight

Do you know what worries me? What keeps me up at night fretting?

I mean, how will I know if it's "love at first sight"? What if it's really just "lust at first sight"? Or "really really like at first sight"? What if it's just static shock from the carpet? Or some undigested bit of beef? Or...

Phew! I'm glad I'm not alone in worrying!

Leave it to romance comics to help me out!

Hmmm...that sounds like it still could be carpet shock...or maybe you're in the same room with Electro!

Well, either that, or your mutant powers just emerged (or, if it's 2010s Marvel, you were just exposed to Terrigen)...

Wait...if it's the "similarity of mental and emotional makeup that attracted you to each other in the first place," how the hell can that be "love at first sight"?!? In the first panel you defined it as you just met the guy, and you "instantaneously" feel attracted to him--before you can possibly know his mental and emotional makeup!! Unless, of course, you're telepathic or empathic...which bring us back to mutant powers!!

Ahh, so it's the "love is a drug" theory now...

Nope, I think we'll go with "love at first sight is the sudden manifestation of mutant powers" theory. Someone get me Cerebro!

From Search For Love #1 (1950)

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