Monday, August 1, 2016

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Is This Tomorrow?

Today's question?

Answer: No, it's not tomorrow.

This pamphlet was awful worried, though:

So who is this from?

The Cathetical Guild is the same group that published Treasure Chest comics for all those years. Not the Catholic Church itself, but a group pretty closely aligned with them. And obviously, they were a bit worried about the Red Menace.

By the way, Charles M. Schulz himself drew part of this 48-page book, although we're not terrible certain which pages. Good grief!!

Anyway, the commies are just waiting for some huge disaster, like a nationwide drought and famine, to launch their vicious takeover plans:

And it's all because of the liberal media:

And racial and religious divisions...

...and smutty movies!

The communists use a very tricky strategy to take over unions!

That really works, by the way. That's how I took over Slay Monstrobot...

And when they make the Speaker of The House into their dupe...

...he goes all Papletine on the country!

Oh, and children will turn on their parents!

Well, I could go on, but as I said, it's 48 pages!!

But to summarize:

And the best way to protect our precious bodily fluids?

Mostly sound advice.

But "Be American first"? Sowing race and racial hatred? Cozying up to Russian foreign policy? Opposing Wall Street while pretending to be the friend of the working man? Hmmm, that all seems familiar.

Maybe it is tomorrow...?

From Is This Tomorrow (1947)

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