Monday, August 8, 2016

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--If We Can't Have A Legion, Then...

Just a reminder...

The Imperial Guard exists. [Click to embiggen to full Cockrum-osity]

People tend to forget about the Imperial Guard. They're viewed as a cutesy in-joke by Claremont and Cockrum, a one-off tribute to the Legion Of Super-Heroes of the era (frequently drawn by Cockrum).

And they tend to turn up here or there, a brief appearance in cosmic event X or forgettable mini-series Y. But nobody really pays attention to them.

Well, you know what, Marvel? If DC is going to dither around on giving us any more Legion ("Oh, really, we promise, we're just to busy with 15 Deathstroke, Harley & Suicide Squad series now! We'll get to it! Really!"), then why not try to steal their game a little bit?

Sure, maybe Guardians Of The Galaxy has filled a part of their cosmic niche, but then you have to read a Bendis-written book. Meanwhile, there's definitely room for a "team of youngsters, one from each planet, gathered together to defend their interstellar confederation" in the vast Marvel Universe. Hey, tinker with the concept a bit, focus on the Imperial Academy or what have you to make it even more Legion-like.

Hell, give it to Mark Waid to write--it'll be like shivving DC twice. And what are they going to do about it? Whine that you're coming too close to a concept that they have no interest in publishing?

Yes, I know that Marvel has better things to do than spend valuable resources on projects intended to spur DC to action. So what? It's my blog, here my will reigns supreme, and I say Marvel should go for it!

Long Live The Imperial Guard!!


Madman said...

Great idea ! If we can't have the Legion (where are they anyway on that Legion movie proposal?), I'll take the Imperial Guard.

Oculus Orbus said...

I remember that Imperial Guard mini series being a fun read. Not necessarily a good one, but it was at least entertaining and had some amusing Wieringo-esque artwork. Maybe that could tide you over while you wait.

There was also the Legion of Super Heroes cartoon from a few years back. Seeing them do modern spins on classic Legion tales was a whole lot of fun- hell, they even did the death of Ferro Lad! Unfortunately, everything they seemed to be leading up to for the second season (including introducing the LSV) was thrown out in favor of a hard regression into 90's style "dark" bullshit. I was only able to stomach a couple of episodes before giving up on it. Still, I highly recommend seeking out season 1.