Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Jungle Story That Is Far Junglier Than The Jungle Book!!

You can keep your Jungle Book, because by far the most jungley jungle action comes from...

We don't know a ton about Wambi. We have no idea how he wound up being a jungle boy. His turban and loin cloth make him look vaguely Indian, and sometimes his adventures include tigers. But then there's all the animals exclusive to Africa. Perhaps it just takes place in the ur-jungle of our collective subconscious...

It's also never explained how Wambi communicates so completely with every animal, and they "speak" to him without saying a word. He's like a regular Doctor Doolittle!!

But he had adventures that put Mowgli to shame!

For example...

Yes, Haga the Hyena tricked the apes into kidnapping Wambi so he can be their king! And he also convinces them to set of Wambi's throne on a flimsy mid-river hut. Unfortunately...

Well, that's a sticky wicket!!

And then a swan and her brood swim by...they'll get eaten!!


But the swans flight disturbs the hippos (who have never heard birds fly before...??)


Meanwhile, back at the animal council (yes, really):

In the nick of time?!?

Ah, but the animals have a plan!

Yes, today I've brought you apes riding elephants while throwing coconuts at hippos. Please don't forget to mail me my Pulitzer.

Anyway, the apes were too late:

So all's well that ends well!!

But what about our villain?


And that was a typical day with Wambi!!

From Wambi, Jungle Boy #6 (1950)


SallyP said...

Hyenas really get no respect.

Paul Smith said...

Why are crocodiles always the bad guys?