Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Gotham's Not Just The Colorful Costumes, Chapter 2

Earlier today, I started to look at how Gotham City's darkness, her bleakness, is not just the big league villains that you buy toys of and have star in their own comics because evil is cool now.

Because until our demand for more more more escalated things to the point where even viral outbreaks and earthquakes and secret societies of nutters taking over fail to sate us, guys like this filled out an awful lot of pages of early Batman history:

The evil quiz show host. Man, Gotham is a hell hole.

See, you don't need a fancy costume or a reserved cell at Arkham to be a threat. You can be a normal Joe, and Gotham City will seep into your soul and destroy you.

So maybe, just once in a while, we could take a break from saving the entire city every single issue, and just focus on some of the smaller (and frankly more interesting) crime that current writers deem beneath Batman's notice?

[And yes, this guy's last name is Harmon, just like in today's earlier entry. That's just the way Gotham rolls...]

From The Essential Batman Encyclopedia (2008)

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