Monday, August 15, 2016

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--You've Come A Long Way, Batwoman!!

So, back in the day, Jor-El was kind of dopey:

Well, he's forced to leave the pills off Kal-El's rocket, but like every other piece of Kryptonian flotsam, they ended up on Earth anyway!

While Superman and Batman and Robin are out searching, Batwoman has been sidelined by her mentor:

Well, she ignores Batman's diktat, and finds the pill. She's "forced" to take it herself, and so she has full Kryptonian powers for 24 hours!

Of course, all the boys know that girls can't be good super-heroes, even if they are temporarily strong enough to destroy entire planets:

Yeah, Caped Crusader, stop being bossy!!

Well, she discovers Batman & Robin's secret identities [SPOILER ALERT--Nope, she doesn't], and she's got a grand plan to figure out who Superman is!

Superman has an even better idea how to shake a woman who can follow him anywhere that he can go: take her somewhere that she'll be scared!!

Thunderstorm? Nope..

Explosives test range? Nope...

Going over Niagara falls? Nope...

Well, I guess there's absolutely nowhere you can take Batwoman where she'll be frightened to follow. Except...


Well, after a whole lotta farting around, Kathy's powers run out, and she hasn't really discovered anybody's identity. But don't worry--Batman can patronizingly admire your effort, Batwoman!

"Thank you, THANK YOU, for allowing a silly girl who is afraid of mice play at your manly super-hero games!!"

From World's Finest Comics #90 (1957)


SallyP said...

I just... want to punch them all in their stupid smug faces. Including Bat Woman. This is probably not the reaction the writer was going for.

George Chambers said...

So... Batwoman had all of Superman's powers, but couldn't discover Batman's ID?

Um... X-ray vision? Yank off his mask at super speed, take a look and put it back without him being the wiser? Play keepaway with his utility belt and refuse to give it back until he breaks down and tells you?

Batwoman, you're worse at this than Lois Lane and that is saying something!

Anonymous said...

Apparently the super-powers didn't also automatically come with super-dickery. Clark came up with that his own self.

⬅️Is a circle said...

Wow, that sexism probably wouldn't go down well these days with fans who want to see sexy Martial arts women kick kicking some bad guys buts.