Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sheena And The Flame God Of Trader Joe's!!

The Flame People and their god Moloch are terrorizing the local tribes.

But Sheena (Queen Of The Jungle) doesn't believe this god talk:


A flaming man, riding a zebra, packing a flame thrower?!?! Sounds like a god to me!!

Well, after he kills Sheena [SPOILER ALERT--nope] , it's up to Bob (Boyfriend of The Jungle) to stop this Moloch:

Fortunately for Bob...

Woo hoo!!

Time for our Scooby Doo moment...

Trader Joe?!?! Maybe you should think twice before you shop there!!!

And of course, Freddy and Velma Bob and Sheena give us the necessary exposition:

Wires AND tubes?!?! No wonder it worked!!

But the most important takeaway from this story:

When I win the lottery, you can damn well bet that I'm buying a zebra and riding him while wearing a flame suit and brandishing a flame thrower.

But I probably wouldn't pretend to be a god. That's rude!!

From Sheena #11 (1951)

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