Sunday, August 7, 2016

Law & Order--Interplanetary Punishments Unit!

In the solar system's criminal justice system...

Sure, why not?

So how do they punish criminals on, say, Mars?


What about the other inhabited planets?


You know what I love about this little one-page feature?

I love that it's so matter-of-fact. No "scientists speculate" or "here's what people imaghine might happen on other planets." It's just straight up "The solar system is inhabited, and here's how those primitive screwheads punish each other" like it's straight out of the Encyclopedia Galactica. If this is what we were teaching our kids, no wonder Russia beat us with Sputnik...

The other thing I love? This comes from a horror mag!! Right in the middle of tales of witches and ghosts and evil puppets, we get this "science fiction" piece.

That's why I'm required to read every comic book ever never know what you're going to find!

From Witches Tales #3 (1951)