Saturday, June 11, 2016

For The Woman Who Has Everything?

What do you get Lois for a birthday present? How about...

Wait. Wait. Wait.

It's bad enough that Superman has the terrible habit of just grabbing whatever space junk he finds laying around alien planets and using it as gifts for his friends.

But "space jewels that only become visible when worn by a young lady"?!?!? I mean, how...what...that makes no...what about when Lois turns old? I makes no sense!!

[Editor's note: Forget it, snell. It's DC Science]

From Superman Family #181 (1977)


SallyP said...

Not to mention that they are probably radioactive and simply crawling with Space germs!

George Chambers said...

Plus, once she takes it off she'll certainly lose it.

B Smith said...

And given the way they become visible, where the heck did Superman find them?