Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Master Of Omnibus Fu!!

It's kind of the high holy days around here:

If you're not sure why, just take a glance at this:

Yup, the comic that inspired this very blog's title is now, after 40 years, being reprinted in omnibus form.

I've made my deep and abiding love for The Hands Of Shang-Chi, Master Of Kung Fu clear many times around here, so you guys shouldn't be surprised that I'm flipping out a little bit over the fact that Marvel/Disney managed to deal with the rights issues and the masses can finally enjoy the insanity of a pacifist kung fu artist and his British spy friends versus Fu Manchu and other eccentric world-conquering billionaires. 

(Yes, the omnibus is hella expensive; but I remain hopeful that they will be followed by smaller and more affordable volumes, or even digital release...)

So, as I sit here debating whether to even take the shrink wrap off this sucker, I shall bore you folks today by reprinting some of my past posts regaling you with how utterly awesome MOKF is. Tune in occasionally to learn, amongst other things, why Fu Manchu is so much cooler than Doctor Doom...

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