Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Golden-Age Idol--The Roll-Your-Own Super-Hero!!

When you go spelunking through as many old comic books as I do, you find some weird heroes. I mean some really, really batshit crazy stuff.

But there's nothing as weird as this guy:

Hmmm...OK. Aside from glorifying how many bones he breaks, this guy doesn't seem that weird.

Just wait.

Police detective Nosey McGinness has a real problem:

Cigars are too damn expensive!!

But he has a plan:


McGinness, that sounds highly poisonous (more so than the tobacco itself!)

Wait a minute...



Well, Nosey gets himself caught and beat-up by some crooks he put away once...but fortunately, he's able to trick them into smoking one of his special cigars!


This is sooooo strange...

What. The. Hell. Was. That?

A hero, who is apparently some kind of genie (?), summoned when you smoke a ridiculous roll-your-own (toxic) cigar recipe? Good gravy, try to make that happen in comics (or a movie) today, and you'll be tarred and feathered!!

But it's even weirder than that. Because this is how Nightmare started out:

Back in 1943, pro wrestler Bob White put on a glow-in-the-dark skeleton costume and teamed up with his "kid manager" to fight crime as Nightmare and Sleepy. Because wrasslin'!!

Well, 6 issues later they decided to re-dress our duo in more standard super-hero togs:

Then, between issue #12 & 13, something happened. With not even a hint of a scintilla of an explanation, Nightmare went from being a costumed wrestler crime-fighter to a cigar-summoned genie crime-fighter. It was the same costume...was it the same guy? How could that have happened? Was he somehow cursed to live in terrible cigars?!?!?

And the "genie" version of Nightmare only appeared in one more story, and then was never heard of again. What happened--were the cigars all used up? 

And that's why we need to revive this character--so someone can write a story explaining this to me!!

From Clue Comics #2 (1943), #11 (1946), #13 (1947)


Mista Whiskas said...

That's impressively imaginative and outside the box, that's for sure. And am I the only one that can't help but snicker at the panel with the line "You just said it! I'm called Nightmare!"

George Chambers said...

How this could possibly make sense:

The original Nightmare and Sleepy either retired from crimefighting, or got riddled with bullets.

Nosey McGinness had at some time read an account of Nightmare but didn't pay much attention at the time.

Nightmare remained in Nosey's subconscious and appeared in a couple of hallucinations before Nosey's homemade (and toxic) cigars gave him fatal brain damage.

Stupid Slayer said...

This is fantastic! Weird but creative.

JohnnyBob said...

Announcing yourself as Nightmare while cupping your genitals is also odd, albeit a potentially useful move to distract a villain's attention.