Sunday, June 12, 2016

Admit It--You Want To Read Every One Of These Now!!

On the letters page of Marvel Team-Up #101 (1981):

This was no small thing. It's easy for us to forget in 2016, with our instant access to virtually all information ever. But 35 years ago, there was no GCD, no Wikipedia, no way to tell who had starred in all of those earlier MTU's you might have missed, short of scouring back issue bins (OK, OK, Spider-Man was a pretty good guess for most of them...). And the villains, too!

So thank you, Marvel Team-Up #101, for helping us lust after comics that we hadn't read yet!!

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Tim Knight said...

Also of note is Marvel celebrating 100 issues of a title, and heralding more - without talk of a reboot. These days we're lucky if titles hit 24 issues without reverting back to issue one (or - shudder - issue zero).