Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Golden Age Idol--The Boy King (And His Giant!)!!

Our tales begins in Europe during WWII, in the not at all fictional nation of Swisslakia:

They were a happy people!

Until inevitably...

Well, the Nazis had no use for the beloved royal family:

The Swisslakian people didn't care for that one bit, and refused to salute their new leaders...

Well, so much for the Swisslakian nation. But wait...the gravedigger finds...

Somehow Prince David survived!! And he's not the only one--the King has survived long enough for a very surprising exposition dump with his last breath!

Well, Boy King soon discovers that this is all true--Nostradamus did create a mechanical giant to protect Swisslakia!!

And trust me...this is one tough-ass mechanical giant!

Well, you've kicked the Nazis out for now...but that's not a long-term solution, is it?

Yep, that's right, the Giant tows the remaining Swisslakian population across the Atlantic to the good old US of A!!

Man...this reads like an insane cross between X-O Man Of War and It The Living Colossus, doesn't it?

So the Boy King and his Giant settled down in Central Park (!) while the U.S. gave a home to his vagabond people. And for 10 issues, Boy King and his (never named) Giant fought crooks and Nazis:


Boy King's stories included Nazi's taking over the Giant and using him to smash U.S. defenses, the Giant fighting giant Nazi robot dinosaurs, the Boy King smashing up saboteurs and fifth columnists without the Giant...Eventually, David got a sidekick, Muggsy, who turned out to be his "long-lost" identical twin brother, because comic books.

Like most heroes of the era, Boy King (and his Giant) quickly faded away after the war. But someone could revive them, right? Please?!?! Because who the heck doesn't want to read the tales of a Nostradamus-created giant metal man and his teenage royal master who go around kicking ass?!?!

Panels from Clue Comics #1-2 (1943)


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