Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Two-Gun Kid's Theme Song!!

Hey, look, it's the Two-Gun Kid, and the jaunty tune he sang in many an issue:

More Marvel heroes need theme songs, methinks.

Oh, and this is not the Two-Gun Kid you're most familiar with. Nope, it's not Matt Hawk, lawyer by day, vigilante the rest of the time, the guy who hung out with Hawkeye and came to live in the 20th century for a time.

[By the way, when the hell do we get a Matt Murdock/Matt Hawk team-up story? Where an Avengers battle with Kang leaves Daredevil stranded in the olde west, and circumstances force him to have to pose as Matt Hawk in court during a big trial. Meanwhile, Matt Hawk in the present must pose as DD to prevent a crime wave, but he has no idea how to use a billy club, so the underworld goes nuts now that Daredevil is carrying guns, and...OK, again we see why I'm not allowed to write comics.]

No, this is the original Two-Gun Kid, Clay Harder, who, starting in 1948, had a 14 year run in Timely/Atlas Western comics. It wasn't until 1962 that Stan and Jack, with absolutely no explanation whatsoever, reinvented the character as the mask-wearing Matt Hawk we know:

But Matt Hawk never had a theme song!

So sing along at home, kiddies, and strike terror into the hearts of owlhoots everywhere!

From Two Gun Kid #41 (1958) as reprinted in Mighty Marvel Western #44 (1976)


Smurfswacker said...

Did he sing the same lyrics in every issue? The furshlugginer Blackhawk's theme song had about 9.823 verses.

snell said...

Sadly, I don't have access to that many original TGK stories. From what I've read, it was usually the same song, although i don't know how many verses...

SallyP said...

Well, this has certainly been the greatest thing I have read today. Orossibly this week.