Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What Jonathan Kent *Really* Did To Earn A Living

We all know that Pa Kent had a farm; and then he sold it to open a general store in Smallville.

But is any of that true?

Because here at Slay Monstrobot, we have made a shocking discovery about the TRUE career of Superboy's foster father:

Yup...Pa Kent was a counter-spy...an espionage ace!!

And a wordy sonuvabitch!

But man, he had a way with the ladies:

That's right--he'd call you honey just after he met you!

He also had a way with goddamn commie spies!

But Jonathan Kent was still smooth with the ladies, even after fighting

And he always succeeded in his cases!

Johnathan Kent smashes attempts to undermine democracy!! Plus, he grows wheat...

From Spy-Hunters #11 (1951)

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