Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Morbid Mayhem of Metallo's Murder Machine

The second pre-Crisis Earth-1 Metallo was created by the secret terror organization Skull. They kidnapped the original's brother, stuck him in a similar robot body, and sent him to get revenge on Superman for brother John's death.

Well, Roger was down with the whole "kill Superman" bit, but he was far less enthusiastic about having having a forced, non-consensual brainectomy. So he concocted to plan to destroy Skull and kill the Man Of Steel!

Using an experimental teleportation ray he stole from Skull's leader, he...well, just watch:


Uh, how does that work, exactly?


And just to provide secondary "eewwww":

Now, you'd think Metallo, being a super-powered robot, would, you know, just go up and beat the crap out of the Skull agents. I mean, this plan is a little bit sophisticated for him, you know?

Ah, but he was also doing this to test the device, so he could swap his Kryptonite heart for Kal-El's Kryptonian heart, simultaneously killing Superman and making himself completely unbeatable.

SPOILER ALERT: The plan failed.

From Superman #317 (1977)

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