Monday, October 13, 2014

Manic Monday--The Eyes Have it!!

Mean son of a bitch surgeon Dr. Gustave Savage was kidnapped on his way to work by Merlin the evil hypnotist:

Ah, Savage may be blind, but he's not helpless!

Then, the greatest feat in the history of surgery!

AIEEEEE!! (Yes, I know that's not quite how it would work, but still, AIEEEEE!!)

Ah, but these are no ordinary eyes...

And when the hypnotist's assistant shows up...

And when it is revealed that Savage's wife was behind the whole plot...

"Everyone you've ever found annoying"? Doc, you're setting the bat for vengeance pretty damn low there.

Oh, hey, check out the mirror that fell out of your wife's purse...


The moral of the story? If you transplant evil hypnotist's eyes into your head, avoid looking in mirrors!

From The Thing #15 (1954)

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