Thursday, October 16, 2014

Spotify Is Really Weird In Latveria...

After kicking Loki's behind, Victor Von Doom is strolling in triumph through Castle Doom...

Wait, WHAT?!?

So, Doctor Doom has a whole hallway of jukeboxes, all belting out a version of The Beatles All You Need Is Love, but with "love" replaced by "Doom"?!?!?!?!?

That may be the single greatest thing that I have ever seen.

And given that Doom doubtless blocks iTunes and Amazon and Pandora et al., from operating in Latveria, these versions of the songs are probably the only ones that most Latverians have ever heard! There are probably passionate arguments in the street whether Doom's Red Album or Blue Album is the better collection!

And of course, Victor wouldn't limit himself just to one song. Oh, we're off to the races:

Love Me Doom
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Doom
Please Please Doom
Latverian Wood
Hey Doom
Don't Let Doom Down
Rocket Raccoon (Hey, even Victor loves the little guy!)
While Reed Richards Gently Weeps
Back In Latveria
Being For The Benefit Of Doctor Doom!
The Continuing Story Of Victor Von Doom
Drive My Time Platform
Doom Is The Walrus
I Want To Rule Your Land
In Doom's Life
Victor In The Sky With Diamonds
Mean Mr. Fantastic
With A Little Help From My Minions
You Know Doom's Name (Look Up The Number)
Doom Tripper

All right, all right, I'll guys can have your chance now...

From Loki: Agent of Asgard #7 (2014)


Britt Reid said...

The visual is probably based on the opening of the final episode of The Prisoner, which features...Number Six walking down a cave corridor lined with jukeboxes all playing "All You Need it Love"!

anthrax2525 said...

Britt's right, you know.

snell said...

Foul miscreants, The Prisoner stole that from Doom!!

anthrax2525 said...

"Please Mr. Doom-man"
"Cursin' Reed Richards"
"We Love Doom"
"A Well-Respected Doom"
"Latveria Girls"

JohnnyBob said...

"I Doom, I Doom, I Doom, I Doom, I Doom"

"My Valeria"

"Little Doom Coupe"

I expect that "Behind The Mask" might be a popular album in Vic's collection.