Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The 10 Most Embarrassing Spider-Man Moments?!?

Hey, gang, let's reminisce about the Top 10 Embarrassing Moment's In Spider-Man's Career, as told by...

...at least you weren't paid in Bitcoin, Spidey...

Sigh...people still fail to realize that the Spider-Mobile was a brilliant satirical critique of the Batmobile!

This was from Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #12 (1992). As such, it missed a whole plethora of future embarrassing Spidey moments that would surely make the list today:

**The Clone Saga would be good for at least two or three...maybe four or five!

**The costume Tony Stark made for you

**That whole "The Other" business

**The fact that Norman Osborn got it on with your girlfriend more than you ever did, and the result was kids who tried to kill you.

**Radioactive Spider-Semen

**The time Norman Osborn...look, just any story about Osborn after he "came back from death" is pretty much terrible and embarrassing

**Maximum Carnage

**The time Spidey revealed his secret identity to the world for Tony Stark's PR machine. and then was shocked--shocked--that it might put his loved ones in danger!!

**The time Spidey made a deal with THE DEVIL to save Aunt May's life (Meanwhile, ghostly Uncle Ben is grumbling, "What am I, chopped liver? Why no supernatural shenanigans to save me?")

Geez, we haven't even gotten to "had my body stolen by Doc Ock" yet!

Hay, Marvel, we're going to need a longer annual!

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