Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Attuma Is A Dumbass

Did you ever wonder why Atlantean warlord Attuma never succeeded in conquering anything?

Perhaps because he's rather stupid.

Exhibit A: He's just learned that there is a "surface world," and by gum, he's going to conquer it!

Ah, but first: the homework!

Well, the plane full of hu-mans he captures just happens to include one Janet Van Dyne, so we know what's going to happen, right?


But beware, Hank Pym--TREACHERY!!


And then our titanic twosome proves why Atlanteans were never really a threat to us...

Attuma: none too bright!

And that master plan?


And so, Attuma draws the only possible conclusion:

Yup, you've seen two who can do it, so they ALL can do it.

They don't grow 'em smart under the sea, do they?

[SPOILER ALERT: Attuma did return. Liar!]

From Tales To Astonish #64 (1965)


Anonymous said...

A "shocker" that will make their "eyes pop"?

Oh my, I hope it doesn't involve growing to 50' tall...

SallyP said...

Poor Old Attuma.