Thursday, October 30, 2014

Letters To Lois 2--Corporal Punishment!!

From the letters page of Lois Lane #24 (1961):

What the hell is going on in Winnetka, Illinois?!?

49 out of 51 kids want to see Lois get a "good hard spanking"?!?!?

Of course, they're right, Superman would never spank Lois--

 That was from just 10 issues earlier, in Lois Lane #14...

OK, OK, causing your robot to spank Lois doesn't count, right? Superman himself would never, ever spank a woman--
 Never mind.


Tim Knight said...

50 Shades Of Kryptonite?

Martin Gray said...

That's all those covers in which Pa Kent spanked Superboy turning him into the kinky adult he is.