Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Imaginary 1990s Were Pretty Rough For Superman

You young ones may not remember this,but the 1990s made Superman a has-been.

Don't believe me? Let's flash back a bit...

Why, of course I remember how we astronauts landing on the rings of Saturn in the 1980s who then went on to become aquanauts!

You've proven your bona fides, story! So what else should we remember about the 1990s?

Oh, yeah, Superman lost his powers, quit, and became a beggar! I remember that!!

But surely that's not the 1990s fault? Well, Superman himself thinks so:

See? Right from the horse's mouth: The science of the 1990's made me a has-been!!

But that's not all!

Yep, the computerized, push-button world of the 1990s was like living a nightmare. Awful.

Hell, I can't imagine how the 1990s could have been any worse for Superman...

Oh, that's right. The real 1990s were far more traumatic for Kal-El....

Wheelchair Superman from Action Comics #396 (1971)


SallyP said...

Poor Clark. IF only he had known what was actually in store for him.

George Chambers said...

So a guy with super-vision and super-hearing can't figure out a way to earn a comfortable living? Sheesh, compared to him, I'm handicapped!