Sunday, December 8, 2013


Stumbled across this bad boy...

This was one of those short-lived Simon/Kirby joints of the early 50s. The Strange World Of Your Dreams lasted only 4 issues, and mostly featured standard 50s horror stories about dreams--but all  true, of course.

But see that banner across the bottom? "We Will Buy Your Dreams"? What's up with that?

$25 was not a small sum in 1952!! Then again, as the title folded after #4, they probably didn't have to pay out very much, if at all.

And you have to love the somewhat overheated language--"where hate burns like the fire of Hades" indeed?

So twice an issue we got a "story" like this:

And this means...?

Oh, I see. A comic book telling us that movies are a "shadow world" and we should just "accept the real world" instead?? WTF, Richard Temple?? Are you irony impaired??

Still, I do wish the enterprise were still ongoing, because I'd love to have him "analyze" my dream about a Wolverine/Hamlet crossover, or the one about Ben Grimm and...well, that one I'm saving for another time....


Steven Thompson said...

The complete collection was released a few months back by Craig Yoe and IDW. What if Sigmund Freud wrote comics that were illustrated by Salvador Dali? was the tag line.

snell said...

I missed that one when it came out.

Safe to say, the "analysis" of dreams was substantially more simplistic than anything from Freud, and the art nowhere near as surreal as Dali.

Plus, the whole dream shtick was obviously running dry by the end, as half of the final issue consisted of "Special Horoscope Featurettes," "true" stories illustrating how people's strange behavior was a result of their star sign.

Paul said...

And if you think the real Richard Temple looks like that, you must be ...